Which coaching retreat to choose?

Life consists of one decision after another. Indeed, your current results in life are caused by the decisions that you made previously. If you are looking for a transformative retreat, choosing the right coach or healer has to be your No. 1 priority. In order to help you figure out which coaching retreat to choose, I’ve summarized a list of questions for you to think about:

  • What are your themes and intentions?
  • What is your goal?
  • What do you expect from the retreat?
  • What kind of teacher do you find inspiring?
  • Do you need a lot of attention and/or personal reflection?
  • What type of luxury do you expect from the location, the food quality, the quality of the program, etc.?
  • How much privacy do you need? Do you need a single room, or would you like to share a room with others?
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Some subjects need more individual attention than others; hence, I do recommend a 1-1 retreat if you have important life questions/some very private subjects or if you just like to have all the attention from your coach. Another possibility is you don’t want anyone to know that you are doing a retreat, so you prefer complete privacy. As this is a real luxury, it will certainly bring true clarity to your subjects in a totally different way than a group retreat – you are not sharing the coach with any other participants.

In contrast, when you join a group retreat with 10 people, you would all have to share time even if you have 2 coaches instead of 1. That means there wouldn’t be much time for individual questions. As a result, larger group retreats are more about self-reflection and self-learning; however, you might be inspired by the group dynamics and benefit from the networking opportunities at the larger group retreats, which you wouldn’t experience at a 1-1 retreat.

Trust your feelings

My advice is to always trust your feelings: if you look at a website, the Instagram profile of the coach or trainer or a company’s Instagram profile, see what it brings to you? Do you feel inspired? Does it resonate with you? If yes, then that is a sign to book the retreat.

I never compared retreats, as I always felt called to go somewhere and it always has been exactly what I needed, right then.

My own experiences

I have participated in many trainings, retreats, seminars and spiritual events myself, before creating my own coaching retreat. I picked things that for me personally were most effective, according to my own experiences and what I have seen around me. I tried very intense trainings and very nurturing versions to feel the difference in results. How far do you have to go out of your comfort zone in order to have access to the power of transformation and healing? That has been one of my questions.

  • My most ´back to nature experience´ has been a 10-day meditation retreat in the Sinai dessert, in which we had only a 0 degree sleeping bag and slept underneath the bright stars.
  • The most inspiring coaching retreat I have ever done so far were with 2 trainers who were very specialized to push you to extremes.
  • The most nurturing spiritual retreat I have done was on a farm that was owned by the trainer, which made it feel very safe to heal, learn and grow.

We always have to experience things ourselves to see which version suits us.

  • The most refined, luxury work enviroment that I have participated in was an EU project which happened at Cereneo in Switzerland. With the best vegan food I have ever tasted in my life and a service which you would usually see in Michelin star restaurants.
  • The most alternative and open-minded environment I have ever been to was Burning Man where I volunteerd to organize ´the decoration & art´ at their event in the Netherlands.

My experience is that I like to visit and become a part of both extremes, but I feel comfortable in a work-oriented environment which has a high luxury standard, but in a very warm and relaxed version where everybody just can ´be as they are´.

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My Own retreats

I organize my retreats in my own luxury hacienda; therefore, every detail has been created to suit my retreats – from energy to wellness facilities – from the quality of beds and mattresses to healthy and very light food. Everything is suitable for my retreat program. Interestingly, money is relative. Some people find my retreats too cheap because parking their superyacht in the port costs more money than my group retreat. In contrast, some people spend their holiday budget on a retreat with me. I even had people that had to spend all of their savings – and afterwards, I was happy to hear that they found it a very good investment.

If you are keen to live your dream life, you would be well-advised to invest in yourself by attending a retreat here with me so that you can become your best self and live your best life. Let’s start the journey from here.

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