Soulful Retreats

Step into a world of transformative retreat experiences tailored for intimate groups! Explore our fixed-date and personalized retreats designed to facilitate self-discovery and guide you to live from the soul, allowing you to embrace and live your best life.

Fixed-Date Retreats:

Grounding Retreat:

(for women only)

Embrace tranquility and self-discovery on a transformative journey of grounding and wellness. Set intentions, explore mindfulness, and immerse in nature. Experience transformative sessions like mindfulness, a mindful hike, meditations, sharing circles/group coaching, a cacao ceremony, and energy work. Learn tools for soulful living and connect with your authentic, best self. Join us for a rejuvenating escape to your authentic self.


  • 14 – 18 March 2024
  • 25 – 29 April 2024
  • 3 – 7 October 2024

Investment in yourself 1500euro

Uplifting Retreat:

(for women only)

Rediscover your inner wisdom, gain clarity, and manifest your dreams on a transformative escape. Immerse in meditation, mindfulness, and energy work. Experience transformative sessions like art therapy, sharing circles/group coaching, ecstatic dance, and a cacao ceremony. Learn about yourself through archetypes, values, and future dream waving. Celebrate achievements and depart with renewed purpose and a clear vision for the future. Join us for an empowering journey to self-discovery.


  • 16 – 20 May 2024
  • 13 – 17 June 2024
  • 18 – 22 July 2024
  • 12 – 16 September 2024

Investment in yourself 1500euro

Connecting Couple Retreat:

(all genders)

Rediscover and strengthen your bond in this couple wellness retreat for all genders. Tap into shared values and wisdom, building a deeper connection. Enjoy moments of pure bliss with a diverse program like group coaching sessions / sharing circles, mediation, a ‘5 love languages cacao ceremony´, sound therapy, and a mindful hike. Meet like-minded couples and share the joy!


  • 25 July – 29 July

Investment in yourself 1200euro p.p.

Personalized Retreats:

Personalized Group Retreat:

(all genders)

Let us handle the details, from content to logistics, creating an unforgettable experience for your community or brand. Relax and enjoy a stress-free retreat tailored to your needs. Contact us for conscious team-building, business, spiritual, or coaching & healing retreats for your colleagues, friends, or clients.

Personalized One-on-One Retreat:

(all genders)

Experience a tailored, transformational journey with a 4-night program focused entirely on you and your unique story. Explore diverse topics like career, life questions, trauma, and stress management during this personalized retreat. The retreat may include energy healing, coaching, mindfulness, sound therapy, art and dance therapy, and coaching hikes, offering an intense and extraordinary healing experience. Open up, grow, and heal with dedicated guidance.

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