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Our coaching & healing retreats are designed to help you achieve the mental distance from daily routines and mental patterns that is needed in order to regain your balance, sharpen your decision- making abilities, refresh and inspire you to make helpful, positive life changes. During our spiritual retreats you will be pampered in our eco-wellness hacienda, including hammam, sauna, salt water swimming pool, healthy food and more. You will feel refreshed and reconnect with your body, mind, spirit and soul in the protected nature area in which we are situated.
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From my perspective, everybody should live their own dream life. If we heal and release, we are changing our energy field and we become capable of energetically attracting what truly belongs to us. Because everything is energy. Therefore, our paths unfold based on what, and how we resonate. Whatever life you may dream of… It all starts with your mindset. By consciously changing your energy field, mindset, and patterns, you will become what you are meant to be, your own unique you. It is my calling to guide my clients to ultimately reach their best selves.

Mallorca Soul Transformational Retreat Program:

Our Personalised retreats last for 5 days, and 4 nights. They start with an opening circle session during the evening, right before dinner. The opening circle is meant as an opportunity to share your story and your goals, and to get to know your fellow participants. To feel welcomed and to be able to embrace the safe environment which we have created to enjoy, heal and grow. We have very intimate groups from 3 to 6 people. This way attention and guidance are distributed in a balanced and natural way.

Everyone will be given the same quality of care and will enjoy their own private accommodation. Our 3 full program days consist of a morning and an afternoon or evening activity. In between, we will enjoy healthy light vegetarian nutrition, which suits our program. Time to integrate will be available to rest and enjoy the available wellness facilities. You will be able to book a massage or a facial to have a complete wellness experience. Every day you will dive deeper into your guided journey, where healing and growth are guaranteed to take place.

The activities include coaching – training, mindfulness, sound, art, dance therapy, energy healing, mindful hikes, cacao, and fire ceremonies. At the right moments you will be able to free yourself from energetical blockages, auric wounds, and energetical ballast (caused by stress). You will be able to heal experiences from the past, learn, and grow. You will be part of various extraordinary and mystical experiences. During our spiritual retreats you will get empowered and inspired on how to live your own unique life, in the best possible way.

You will learn how to break patterns, change your mindset, and find out how to live your highest potential. All our activities are designed to make you feel lighter and capable to release. At our spiritual retreat, you will be able to experience challenging breakthroughs and moments of pure joy. Participants always tell that they all feel connected through a feeling of universal love. They describe our programs as ´heart opening´ and transformative. During the closing ceremony on day 5, after breakfast, we share the last circle before all participants go their own way again.


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