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Our coaching & healing retreats are designed to help you achieve the mental distance from daily routines and mental patterns that is needed in order to regain your balance, sharpen your decision-making abilities, refresh and inspire you to make helpful, positive life changes. During our one-on-one retreats you will be pampered in our eco-wellness hacienda, including hammam, sauna, salt water swimming pool, healthy food and more. You will feel refreshed and reconnect with your body, mind, spirit and soul in the protected nature area in which we are situated.
From my perspective, the path of the soul is the most important: finding balance, abundance, gratitude & peace; knowing which turns to take on this path: in order to live ‘from the soul’.

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The most transformative retreat I have ever been! The Deep Dive retreat at Mallorca Soul was exactly what I needed to take the next steps in my life.

The location and facilities are amazing, the food was delicious and nutritious, and the program Katja and Sophie organized was very balanced and profound!

During the retreat I was able to come face to face with my deepest fears, some of which I didn’t think existed anymore, and could heal. I also managed to overcome some of my mental pre-sets and got the encouragement I needed to own my life!

Katja and Sophie were wonderful! They guided me during the three days retreat, supported me, and showed me how love can transform, heal and guide our lives! I am grateful that I have met them and that I have participated in this retreat! I would definitely go back in the future!

Bárbara Hedler – Sustainability Expert

I certainly recommend Katja as a life coach, she has helped me build the confidence and clarity I needed to unlock my potential. Thanks to her, I feel braver and more confident in my ability to follow through on my intentions. I value her experience and knowledge, and trust her as a skilled professional in being part of my journey and personal development. She has opened my eyes to things about myself, helped me to get back on the right track, and restored my self-esteem. I’m so thankful to her, she has inspired me and helped me to feel so much better. Katja is not only a life coach but she’s also a healer, and that makes her wonderful!

Gabriella van Damme – entrepreneur

I can warmly recommend Katja Verbeek.
Her practice is like a relaxing oasis: the perfect quiet waters in which to regenerate and heal, to give body, mind and soul a break and to start living your life with strength again.
With her fine intuition and empathy, she responds to every personality.
She helped me further in difficult life situations. My well-being and perception have increased, and all of that only through one session.
She is a healer and helps out of a calling and passion. A very positive person who builds you up again and again and on whom you can rely.

Erika Kibar – actress / Model

I would recommend coaching sessions with Katja because she can teach you to look at things differently, and it’s very easy to open to her. She is a trustworthy person.
The house is in the middle of nature, super well-designed and with a spectacular view. In this place you will definitely be able to disconnect from your routines or hectic life.
After sessions with Katja I realized more about what things I should work on in my relationships with family and future partner and what steps I should take in my career.

Olga Shkurenko model / graphic designer

`Katja has created an incredibly beautiful place in which you can completely relax, in beautiful Mallorca. Katja is also an amazing woman with beautiful powers, which she has been given and which she has developed a lot. I firmly believe that she can best help you experience your highest potential, break through your patterns and feel empowered. I'm sure you're in good hands with Katja.

Jessie Jazz Vuijk – Enterpreneur

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