The Eco-Wellness Farm, including a 13 x6 m salt-water swimming pool, a professional hammam and a sauna, offers a wide vista of the protected nature reserve, the bay and the city of Palma, as well as the Tramontana mountains. Each day ends in a beautiful sunset, followed by thousands of twinkling city-lights in the evening.
We feel blessed for having found this perfect, peaceful and nurturing place, in which we aim to help people live ‘from their soul’. We have traveled a lot, have fallen in love with many places in the past, and have finally found our own ‘paradise’ in Mallorca: a place with 300 sunny days each year. It is our biggest wish to share this wonderful place with others. Within 20 minutes from the airport of Palma, you will find yourself at our hacienda.
A San Francisco hills-like road will take you to our 15,000 m2 wild romantic landscape, in the middle of which you will find our Bohemian-chic farm. When people visit us, they tend to feel at home and identify the place with places they love. Some say it reminds them of Bali, others say it feels like Los Angeles, Cape Town or The Dutch Antilles. We would love to hear about your associations!

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