Transformational Coach

Katja Verbeek-Millitz is my name; my dream is that I can make the world a bit more beautiful through everything I do. Are you thinking: ‘that sounds pretty hippie-like?’ Well, that’s exactly right.

From a young age onwards, I have felt drawn to rituals. I have created many rituals myself, and in my twenties, I studied shamanic practices, as well as various other coaching techniques.

From the age of fourteen onwards, I have been working as a fashion model. Whilst working full-time, I have studied marketing, coaching, and counseling.

In addition to my modelling work, I have spent the last two decades sharing my creative mind with the world of business:

First with some well-known multinationals, then with an innovative tech-company and finally for an EU project, helping people live healthy lives with increased peace of mind, using technology.

Apart from utilizing my creativity for a wide range of projects and purposes, I have always loved helping individual people live their lives to the fullest.

I Live the Life That I Have Always Dreamed About

Because I live mindfully and use daily meditations, rituals, and healings for the benefit of myself and the people around me. I have been doing this for the past 15 years. I believe in a holistic approach – synthesizing the body, the mind, the spirit, and the soul. This is much more than a concept I intellectually believe in: my every-day life is rooted in this philosophy.

I feel the need to share the things I have learned with anyone who wants to learn and grow, because they have broadened my view;

they have made my world larger and they have given me the faith and courage I need in order to live out my dreams.

I will gladly take anyone who is interested through the steps I have taken to free myself from trauma, in order to feel lighter and attract everything I always wanted. With belief and focus, your heart can become a magnet for everything you dream of.

Depending on your situation and preferences, I can create a one-on-one retreat for you, or you can choose to come to one of our group retreats and workshops.
See ‘one-on-one retreats’ for more detailed information:

About You

In a ‘one-on-one’ retreat, the focus will be entirely on you. I have no taboos: you can openly share every dream, blockage, or trauma with me. I have gone through many stages myself and will be there to help you focus on your specific theme. ‘Living from the soul’ relates to all aspects of life, from feeling happy inside your body to social self-esteem and actualization. What blockage is there, which thoughts, feelings and perceptions are holding you back from living your dreams? Each story is different: spending time focusing on your story is what makes a ‘one-on-one’ retreat unique.

My Belief

A person with a strong soul-connection is aligned with the universe and makes you feel whole and able to thrive on their ever-changing yet constant flow. There will always be challenges: it is all about how we perceive and react to them. If we know ourselves and create healthy patterns, as well as learn how we can use our ‘shadow’ side, we can walk what I like to call ‘the path of the soul’ – we can live a life in which we radiate tranquility, passion and love for life itself, during the course of which we attract what we need. It is my BIGGEST passion to help others live their best lives!

I speak Dutch, German and English fluently & I am learning the Spanish language.

Why Choose Me?

If you want to work and invest in yourself with:
  • Someone who has a lot of work experience (since 1994), both as a freelancer as well as an employee of multinationals & start-up companies, and as a developer of various new products, services and applications.
  • Someone who has transcended childhood traumas herself, and who has come from far, only to now live the life of her dreams.
  • Someone who is a highly intuitive & creative person, with the feel of a ‘global person’ due to a life of traveling the world and living in several countries.
  • Someone who is an open-minded person without taboos, who will not be shocked by any issue or theme you might want to discuss or work on.
  • Someone whose parents got divorced at the age of 7, but who herself has been in a balanced, harmonious, equal and happy relationship since 2003.
  • Someone who has once lived through and come out of a burn out with the help of daily meditation, mindfulness, breathing and healing techniques.
  • Someone who lived through an experimental operation which gave her back 20% of her feeling in a quarter of her face. (An experience I now look back on in a very positive and nurturing way, because I am constantly aware of how perfect the rest of my body functions; the whole nervous system, the abundance of feeling we experience, all over our body).
  • Someone who is a highly creative & intuitive & empathic person, who likes to use ancient rituals and techniques in new ways.
  • Someone who is mother to a happy balanced boy; someone who has understood what it is like to be a parent since 2011.

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