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My Name is Katja Verbeek-Millitz

And I am a transformational coach, I transform lives. People who seek me are interested in learning something about themselves, breaking their patterns, learning to think differently, learning new techniques and to get the best out of their lives. But also, simply because they need some time for themselves or would like to experience a wellness retreat or life changing spiritual experiences. However, people also come to our retreats to self-reflect.

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People flourish, grow, and enjoy being here, even during difficult times.

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I first started coaching in 2000. It was ‘coaching on the job’. At the time I worked in the ‘sales and marketing’ department of an American company. I soon noticed that not only colleagues but also clients entrusted me with their “private matters” which made me realize it is my calling to help people on their life paths. Looking back, I had felt that calling since a long time, but I was always searching for a form that would suit me.

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In the years that followed I studied a lot about coaching,

Counseling, and learned new techniques during various workshops and courses that I currently apply in my retreats. Such as coaching techniques, NLP, music therapy, art therapy, mindfulness, ecstatic dance, breathing techniques and energetic healings.

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Why would you choose for me and my retreats?

I have made my dreams come true and now help others to live their dreams. I am creative and intuitive, empathetic yet goal-oriented. You will not only make a trip to Mallorca, but also an ‘inner journey’ which will teach you to get more out of your life. That’s what matters! I have noticed that I can empower people and give them the needed insights that make them capable of changing their lives.

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