Frequently Asked Questions


Do you rent out the finca?

We do not rent out the finca. However, you can book me as a coach for personalized training, workshops, and retreats. The facilities include a 55m² workshop room, a 15,000m² garden located in a protected nature area, a finca, a pool area, and four seating areas for 8-10 people, which can be extended.

How do I arrive at the location?

From the airport: One day before the retreat starts, I will check your arrival times and, if possible, match you with other participants so you can share a taxi. Most guests arrive between 14:00 and 16:00, so during these times, it is more likely to arrange shared taxis. Our location is conveniently located just a 15 to 20-minute drive from the airport. With plenty of taxis readily available at the airport, transportation is easy. For added convenience, I’ll match guests arriving or departing at similar times to share a taxi, typically costing between 25 and 35 euros in total.

From anywhere else:

I recommend booking a taxi via this booking site, 3 hours before you need a taxi: Welcome Pickups:

You can also book an Uber. In the Balearics, Ubers cost more because they offer high-quality buses and cars, making them different from those in other places. It might be worth booking one if you decide last minute.

Rent a car

I recommend renting a car via because they offer good quality at a fair price. I advise having a year-long rental car insurance policy as it is more affordable than booking insurance each time.

Note: If you want to rent a car, please do so. No guest has ever used one while here because they actually never wanted to leave our finca.

Could you come to our location to create a coaching/training session or arrange workshops or retreats elsewhere on the island?

Yes, I can arrange to come to your location for coaching or training sessions if it fits my schedule and the topics align with my expertise. I have a strong network in Mallorca and know of luxury villas, boats, and yachts that can be rented, including some not officially for rent. If you book me and my trainings, I can arrange everything from restaurants, transportation, private chefs, hikes, adventurous excursions, photoshoots with make-up and hair, photographers and stylists, and more. I also work with a network of yoga teachers, Qi Gong teachers, and other coaches. If you like more diversity, I can arrange for other trainers with different expertise.

Can we stay longer at Mallorca Soul?

Mallorca Soul is not a hotel or Airbnb; we only have guests during retreats, trainings, and workshops. If you have trouble finding the right flight, we can extend your stay by one night after the retreat for 150 euros (available on request before the retreat starts). We cannot accommodate guests before the retreat starts as we need to prepare the garden, pool, and house to make everything perfect for your arrival.

Why is the location an eco-farm?

Our finca is eco-friendly, where sustainability and comfort come together. It has been recently renovated with the latest environmentally friendly technologies, including solar panels and an air-circulating system. We have a saltwater pool instead of a chlorinated one. Our finca offers crystal-clear drinking water sourced from our certified potable water supply. With 15,000 square meters of garden nourished by our well, we maintain our garden in an eco-friendly manner.


I want to see more of the island before or after the retreat. What do you recommend to see?

I have created these blogs with some recommendations:
A magical journey through Mallorca
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Why is your coaching retreat more affordable than others in the Balearic Islands?

I can offer these prices and quality because the finca is owned by myself. Otherwise, it would not be possible. I offer these prices because I CAN!

Can you explain the prices for personalized retreats?

In coaching, it is well known and widely accepted that you pay for what you get out of it. When you feel safe in an environment, it is more likely that you will open up and learn more. Coaching retreats or seminars are an investment in yourself. If you want a personalized experience, it will require more time to create. Depending on factors such as group size and specific requests, I can organize a package price for groups. I can conduct an intake with each participant to better understand their questions and learning goals, making the trainings, workshops, and retreats more valuable.

Why are retreats in the Balearics often more expensive than elsewhere in Europe?

The Balearic Islands are the most expensive in Spain for renting or buying property. They are trendy and popular, with mountains, the Mediterranean Sea, high-end restaurants, clubs, and beach bars. Mallorca boasts well-known galleries, boutiques, and numerous other attractions for tourists. It is famous for water sports, mountain climbing, biking, hiking, and more. Mallorca attracts creative and successful individuals and has good international schools, driving up property prices. The unique energy of the islands has been drawing people since the 1960s and 1970s. Read this blog to learn more about it:

Why is Mallorca an energetic magnet?


How does a typical day look during a retreat?

9:00 AM: Breakfast
10:00 AM – 12:45 PM: Morning session
1:15 PM: Lunch
2:15 PM – 7:00 PM: Free time (wellness, sunbathing, massage, integration, journalling, and meditating)
7:00 PM: Dinner
8:30 PM – 10:30 PM: Evening session

Mallorca Soul Tribe

What kind of people come to the retreats and trainings?

Most fixed retreats are for women only, participants come from various age groups. The youngest clients were 21, often referred to as “old souls.” We all strive to live our best lives authentically. The maximum age is not specified, but participants need to be vital and active to enjoy activities like hikes and dance sessions.

Do you specialize in women?

No, my personalized programs and couple retreats are for all genders. I love helping people realize their true selves, whatever they may be.

What kind of questions do clients bring to Mallorca Soul and transformational coach Katja Verbeek-Millitz?

Clients come for various reasons: to live more soulful, joyful, and mindful lives; to understand themselves better; to grow and learn; to make difficult life decisions, to meet like – minded people and have me-time, to heal from difficult changes like divorce or loss; or to become more conscious leaders. Some return annually for personal development, often sharing their life questions or interests beforehand. Each retreat feels different because it is small-scale and, therefore, I can make it more personalized. Your topics change, as do those of other participants, so no retreat is the same. Additionally, the group dynamics vary.

How many people do you accommodate at trainings and retreats?

Fixed retreats: At my fixed retreats, there are 3-6 guests, except for the couple retreat, which accommodates a maximum of 8 guests.

Personalized retreats: For personalized retreats, the maximum number of people is 10 (at the Mallorca Soul Finca).

Training sessions: For training sessions at this location, the maximum number of participants is 20.

If the training is held elsewhere, I need to know the exact number of people to find the best possible accommodation.


Is the food vegan?

The nutrition is healthy, colorful, and light, suiting all activities. The food is mostly vegan, except for a couple of dishes that include eggs, which can be omitted upon request.

Can I get wine during the retreat and other alcoholic drinks?

We have great wines and vineyards on the island, but my experience is that mindfulness, energy work, meditation, and group coaching are not a good combination with alcohol. I suggest doing the wine tasting after the retreat to get the most out of your stay.

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