Why is Mallorca an energetic magnet?

Mallorca magical island cover

Perhaps you’ve heard about the fact that islands are either mountains or volcanoes rising from the bottom of the ocean. Hawaii and Bali are volcanoes; the United Kingdom and Mallorca are mountains.It is said that the formation of the Baleares islands happened about 150 million years ago. Initially, these islands were actually inside the ocean. Approximately 1 million years ago, their present shape started to be formed: one large sandstone (also known as, limestone).

Sa Dragonada Mallorca

Sa Dragonera island

Mallorca is a giant rock gem.

I’ve felt a natural connection to stones, rocks, gemstones and sandstones since my childhood. I started collecting them when I was young, just like many other children. Now as an adult, I still feel that there is so much more behind these ancient treasures. I use them at my spiritual retreats in a playful and creative way so that participants can experience these energetical treasures through their ‘inner child’, their purest part, which awakens something that can only be experienced by themselves. Usually, I tend to think that we don’t have to dive into every stone’s name or purpose, as a crystal means something unique to every individual. In this blog article, I’m going to analyze stones’ purposes, which is different from my usual approach.

Apart from working with stones, rocks and gems, I’d like to acknowledge that we actually live on a big stone, which is a true gift. Since it’s everywhere, most people don’t even notice it. Sandstones and limestones are seen as a stone of creativity because this type of stones blends all elements, including air, wind, fire, water and earth. It helps us to uncover the truth, facilitates purification and clears thoughts. Sandstone is ideal for balance and stability, for they calm us down and make us feel grounded. Limestone is the root of many crystals, including agate, calcite, dolomite, lapis and septarian. Therefore, it is best characterized by the metaphysical properties of its additional minerals. I found some of those and saw calcite in them while hiking on the mountains in Mallorca. White calcite raises consciousness, absorbs energy, and cleanses the auric field & chakras, so it’s the stone of new beginnings.

As an empath, I believe this is one of the many reasons why Mallorca feels like a magnet (other reasons: the climate, safety and beauty – beaches and mountains, etc.)

Historically, the Moors,
Templars, philosophers, great thinkers, creatives and hippies from around the world live in Mallorca. Yet nowadays, Mallorca attracts like-minded people who pursue spirituality from all over the world. Interestingly, so many people told me that Mallorca called them to live here, to come here for a spiritual retreat, to settle down with their families, or to find themselves. Doesn’t this phenomenon show the purposes of lime/sandstones very clearly? Is that a coincidence?

Dragon Crown Mallorca

Castell de Bellver – Dragon crown – King Jaime

Ley line theory:

When I was living on the Mallorca Island for the first year, I met a man who had ancient maps about the ley lines, energy points and chakras of the island. He told me that he had studied it for many years and he had chosen Mallorca as his home destination, because according to him, the energies here are very rare and powerful. Later on, I have met energy healers, mystery chasers and nature lovers who confirmed similar theories.

Actually, the ley-lie theory was re-discovered in the 19th century by Alfred Watkinds. It is believed that in ancient times the study about earth energy was used by priests, healers and alchemists around the world. They could sense the energies and know exactly where the forces would meet the strongest, and then temples, churches and monasteries were built. Around those areas people created villages and cities.

Ley lines are called ‘dragon lines’ in China and ‘fairy passes’ in North and West Europe. According to Chinese and European mythology, dragon lines are ‘dead roads’ as spirits can only travel in straight lines.

Dragon spirits are considered as one of the most fascinating and powerful spirits which travel through those dragon lines. If you look at global mythology and spirituality in general, you will find out that we had the dragon spirit in all traditions and cultures all over the world. The dragon spirit (spirit simply is another word for energy) is always regarded as the representation of magic, mystery, healing, balance, prosperity and power.

Also, many healers call Mallorca a dragon island. The king, Jaime II known as The Just (1264-1327) built the round castle in Palma, Castell de Bellver and he and his lineage were wearing a crown with a dragon on it. Is that a coincidence?

What’s more, close to Elm there is a dragon-shaped island which is called ‘Sa Dragonera’ – it’s also seen as a “power point” or chakra of the island. Tiny black reptiles live there (they only live at Sa Dragonara) and they look like little dragons.

Is that also a coincidence? Or is Mallorca telling you that it contains a very powerful and mystical energy in a multilayered manner?

Tramontana – twin peak

Mallorca’s energetical treasures:

There are many mythological stories about the island Mallorca and its magical spots which have multi-layered meanings. I’ll share one with you.

At Pòrtol, Santa Maria del Camí, or in Alaró, from some places you can see that the twin peak has a heart shape in between. Both archaeology and mythology state that the peaks were connected thousands of years ago. According to mythology, the two peaks have been longing for each other since they were separated. Between them there is a very special energy vortex in which you can feel its longing which is one of the ley-line vortexes or fairy passes.

There is the heart shape, the archeological evidence, the mythology, the ley line and the metaphysical dimension – you can feel all of them here.

By the way, there are many ways to uncover the multi-dimensional truth. The best way is to go and see this place so that you can feel and experience it by yourself. You can go hiking at the Castle’d Alaro. At my personalized spiritual group retreats, I can also show you some of the most magical spots on the island. Just send me an email: info@mallorcasoul.com

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