One–On–One Retreat

I believe in giving you my full attention, in helping you step out of your familiar environment and comfort zone in order to heal and grow. For this reason I also offer one-on-one retreats.

For those who would like to have the privilege to experience a customized transformational one-on-one, private retreat. Please send me an inquiry via e-mail including the subject you would wish to heal or work on. I have experienced that people feel motivated to receive 1-1 coaching and immerse themselves in a healing retreat. To dive together into important particular matters and life questions, while receiving my full attention and guidance.

Therefore, I am offering a 4 – night 3,5-day program, in which I will fully focus on you and your story. As my time and energy are limited, it is important to apply in advance. Your subjects can be very diverse. They can be business – career-related, important life questions, trauma solving, stress management, etc. As this concerns a very personal treatment, it is important to have a good feeling coming from both sides. Therefore, it is important to first meet each other via a video call.

This way we will both get a good impression of whether there is a match. The personalized private retreat may include energy healing, coaching, mindfulness and sound, art and dance therapy, and coaching hikes. As this regards an extraordinary and intense experience. clients will need to open up and talk about themselves like they never did before. In some circumstances, memories might return in order to learn from them and grow.

In case there are any barriers or wounds within the auric field, it can get quite challenging to be able to fully release and heal. But I will be there for you, and I will guide you through it all.

Personalised ONE-ON-ONE Private Retreat

By looking at your past, we will reconstruct and better understand your present. We will set intentions for healing and freeing you from your past, and focus on the present and beyond.

Some healings can be painful, but we will for sure also have lots of moments of joy. During your “me-time” you will be able to enjoy our wellness facilities and take a good rest. Also a massage or facial with a therapist, can be arranged. After this experience, you will feel lighter and relieved. People who’ve already experienced our retreats were able to shine like never before. They felt and looked significantly different, according to their loved ones.This is exactly how energy works.

After our retreat, you will be able to apply for a transformational after-care – coaching program. This program will guide you and give you the needed motivation to stick to your plan. In addition, I will guide you in taking the needed steps in order to succeed in the things that you wish to happen.

*** for existing customers, I also offer a ´private couple/family retreat´. Often it is important to discuss life-changing decisions together. Also, deep trauma can be released with a family member who has gone through similar traumatic events. Such themes do not fit in a regular group retreat and need extra care and attention. ***

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Taking your specific needs as a starting point, we will create a luxury retreat which will focus on freeing you from mental and physical restrictions related to the past, and looking at your current situation in order for you to better understand yourself and know what to do next.

Even if we aim to take you out of your mental ‘comfort zone’, there will be no lack of actual comfort: the whole coaching & healing process will take place in a luxury environment which includes a sauna, hammam and salt water swimming pool, which you may use on your own.

Your personalised program could look like this:

Day 1

Getting to know everything about you, you past and your future dreams.

Day 2

You travel into your past, learn about your ‘wounds’ and heal them in training and sound therapy sessions.

Day 3

You dive into the wealth of the present moment so you can reclaim your authenticity and create life freely, during training, energy healing and an art therapy session.

You learn how to integrate mindfulness in our daily lives, about the power of thoughts and emotions and will embrace the ´NOW´ in a sound therapy session to give energy and clearity.

Day 4

You learn about your authentic self and how to be your unique you and shine from within and out. During our training & art therapy, you will create your future life on canvas.

Day 5

A last sharing after breakfast.


I did not know Katja when I booked a one-on-one retreat with her. My intuition pulled me to her website while I was searching for a place that could support me in the process of reinventing myself and feed my desire for rest, nourishment and profound Transformation. Her way of holding space during our practices and her lighthearted, humorous and straightforward approach (I call it the “Katja-Style”) have made my time with her unforgettable.

Katja is a beautiful person inside-out and a rare diamond in the retreat world. I can tell that she has done her inner work. Katja is not only a wise old soul, but she also brings a vast array of knowledge and experience to the table, which made it easy for her to cater to my individual needs.

She truly knew how to empower me when taking the nitty-gritty and a bit more uncomfortable and messy steps. And she does not shy away from those situations, which speaks to wholesome quality; not everything is love and light.

To me, Katja’s magic comes mainly from two inner sources: one being clear and grounded in herself, two being an absolute people lover of all shapes, colours and forms. She loves and supports your needs by cultivating an ever-welcoming environment, gorgeous and healthy food, presence and attention to detail and a genuine interest in your growth.

I’m forever grateful, and I can’t wait for all the gold nuggets we unearthed in our shared time to unfold over time.

Simone Foerster – Entrepreneur

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For Whom Is This Retreat?

  • You need empowerment and an uplifting ´get away´
  • You need some time to reconnect, heal and relax.
  • You want to connect with the wisdom from within and get answers
  • You want to reconnect with your creativity
  • You desire to have mystical experiences

Depending on your specific case and personal needs we will use tools like mindfulness, breathing techniques, healing ceremonies, meditation & coaching, hiking & coaching

What to Expect After the Retreat:

  • An uplifted energy
  • Feeling more relaxed
  • Improved decision-making
  • Increased ability to cope with stress and stressful situations
  • More capable of living your life to the fullest
  • Able to work and focus on your goals without any inhibitions
  • Feeling more vibrant and optimistic
  • Improved clarity of mind
  • Increasingly able to embrace the imperfections of life and find peace amidst chaos.
  • Improved mental health and physical well-being
  • Experiencing positive emotions such as happiness, joy and excitement
  • Feeling more connected to other people and your environment
  • Feeling more confident and less dependent on external validation
  • Taking home tools to continue the work after the retreat
  • Feeling more aligned with your soul

What is included:

  • Accommodation for 4 nights in one of our bedrooms
  • Healthy vegetarian meals, 5 days (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Arrival on day one at 18:00h, departure day five at 11:00h.
  • Water, tea, coffee & healthy drinks during the day
  • Program of the retreat
  • Me-time for relaxation at the saltwater pool & hammam & sauna

Investment in Yourself: 4000 euros

*** This retreat takes place on request. Please send an e-mail to for reservation.

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