Papa Mallorca: A Magical Journey through Mallorca.

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An Insider’s Take on Island Exploration

Being deeply connected to Mallorca, organizing retreats, and sharing the island’s magic, I often get asked, “What would you do if you were a tourist on Mallorca?” Join me on this journey as I share some favorite spots and hidden gems.

Some retreat guests start their journey at my place, engaging in a spiritual retreat and then exploring the island to integrate all they’ve learned about themselves. With 220 bays, 300 sunny days, a radiant capital city, Mallorca truly has everything to fall in love with. And let me tell you, most fall in love with the island – a love affair with places that, unlike people, is far less complicated… ,)

My Love Affair with the Balearics

In the 60s and 70s, the Balearic Islands became a haven for free-spirited individuals, chosen by many as their personal paradise. Known for its bohemian atmosphere and rich artistic history, the Balearics were a magnetic draw for hippies seeking a haven on this enchanting islands. As time unfolded, Mallorca continued to beckon creatives of all kinds – writers, artists, and musicians, that felt called to call Mallorca their home.

When it comes to the Balearics, I fell in love with Ibiza first. It was in my twenties when we danced and watched the sunset on the beach with friends at a beach club. Those moments of celebrating life on Ibiza, as if there would be no tomorrow, left an indelible mark on my soul.

Ibiza dancing

Ibiza dancing

The Balearics, often likened to a family, each island with its own personality. There’s Papa Mallorca, the largest and most masculine, exuding a strong energy. Mama Menorca, the greenest and nurturing. Formentera, the purest and therefore the baby. And of course, Ibiza, the rebellious child, the wildest of them all. Each has its charm, and each has touched my soul in a unique way.

As I share my love affair with the Balearics, I find a resonance with the creatives who were once drawn to these shores. Like many souls seeking artistic inspiration, I, too, delight in being surrounded by the creative energy that pulses through the heart of the islands. It’s as if ‘Papa Mallorca’ speaks to your soul – a gentle invitation to listen, feel, and be inspired.

Now, if I were a tourist on Mallorca for 14 or 21 days, I’d start in my home area, Palma.




Palma de Mallorca, the capital city, is a treasure trove of historic landmarks. The Palma Cathedral, the Royal Palace of La Almudaina, and the Bellver Castle are awe-inspiring. The old town with its maze of narrow streets and vibrant squares is perfect for a leisurely stroll. And don’t miss the art galleries and museums like Es Baluard and the Miro Museum, adding a touch of cultural richness.



Santa Catalina and Portixol: Lively Havens

For a lively evening, head to Santa Catalina. Restaurants, bars, and a vibrant atmosphere make it perfect for a leisurely stroll. Then there’s Portixol, a gem often compared to Venice Beach. I go there to roller-skate, walk, and soak in the vibrant atmosphere along the Bay of Palma.




You can take the old train from Palma to Port de Soller and see Mallorca’s beautiful landscapes and buildings from the train. Soller has its very unique charm. Additionally, Soller is known for its picturesque orange groves, historic tram, and stunning mountain views. It’s a must-visit destination for anyone exploring Mallorca.

Deià & Valldemossa: Embracing Bohemian Spirit

Heading northwest, Deià warmly welcomes you into its enchanting embrace within the Tramuntana Mountains. Back in the 60s and 70s, Deià became a haven for the free-spirited, attracting a wave of artistic and bohemian souls. The village resonates with the creative legacy of that era, creating a unique atmosphere that still captivates visitors today. Nearby, Valldemossa, with its famed historic buildings, cobbled streets, and a mesmerizing monastery, shares in this artistic allure. Both destinations serve as tranquil havens, where the echo of the past harmonizes with the present, making them a magnetic draw for creative souls seeking cultural immersion amid awe-inspiring natural beauty on the island of Mallorca.

Sa Colobra

Sa Calobra

Two Scenic Day Trips: Sa Calobra

A day trip to Sa Calobra is a must for the stunning natural beauty. Early morning is the best time to avoid crowds. Take a stroll through the Torrent de Pareis, a canyon leading to a pebble beach. The Sa Calobra Road, with its twists and turns, offers scenic views.

Cape de Formentor

Continue another day your scenic journey to Cape de Formentor, a spectacular cape with cliffs, coves, and panoramic views.



Alcudia Area: History and Tranquility

Explore Alcudia, a historic town with medieval city walls and Roman ruins. The old town with its narrow streets and traditional architecture is charming. Relax at Muru Beach, chosen by trip advisor as one of the most beautiful beaches worldwide.

Hidden Gems: Son Serra de Marina and Cala Ratjada

Discover the tranquility of Son Serra de Marina’s beach, known for its clear waters. Cala Ratjada offers a historical touch with the medieval Capdepera Castle, originally built to protect against pirate attacks.


Portocolom Harbour

Extended Adventure: Santanyí & Portocolom Harbour

Extend your trip to Santanyí, known for its charming old town, and Portocolom Harbour, with traditional fishing boats lining the waterfront.



Glamour and Elegance: Portals Nous and Andratx

For a touch of glamour, head to Portals Nous with its upscale marina, designer boutiques, and high-end dining. Port d’Andratx, with its luxury yachts and upscale waterfront restaurants, is a stunning destination.

So, fellow wanderers, dive into the beauty of Mallorca, let its treasures capture your heart, and allow the island’s spirit to guide you on a journey of self-discovery. Whether you’re part of a spiritual retreat, experiencing its essence through mindfulness, meditations, sound healings, ceremonies, and sharing circles, or simply exploring as a tourist, may your time on this magical island be filled with joy, wonder, and unforgettable moments.

And don’t forget the many sports options available here. Wherever you find yourself, there are plenty of hiking and biking opportunities. You can also enjoy almost every watersport, and Mallorca is famous for its mountain climbing possibilities. If you want to learn more about Mallorca’s unique energy, check out this blog for a few more recommendations:

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