Your Book of Life

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I see your book of life as something that you are creating while making life decisions.

Everybody has a chance to change – their karmic birthplace, environment and frequency. I see life as an ever-changing game, and you are a part of it as a co-creator with a free will to create your own stories.

We are starting our book of life when we take our very first breath; we end the last sentence the moment we take our last breath. As a true lover of creation, my true passion is to help people make their book of life worthwhile by offering coaching/healing retreats that are very transformational, creative and life-changing. I guide individuals to be awake and make conscious & informed decisions.

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Surprisingly, many people that are very successful workwise and have a lot of achievements are actually lost in their personal lives, for they don’t know who they really are and what truly makes them happy. That’s because most people set goals according to certain ideologies such as financial success. For example, many people set these goals:

  1. Money (a number that they fancy having)
  2. Material possessions (a house, the next holiday house, a boat, a luxury car or a designer bag)
  3. Status (a job title on their business card, a powerful network, etc.)

Instead of setting goals that genuinely fulfill their heart and soul, these people go for things that feed their ego because that’s what their culture seems to want them to do.

Unfortunately, after getting what they think they want, they don’t feel satisfied in the long term. They are confused and are wondering what life is about.

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Their book of life feels like a blank book, as suddenly, they see that they can’t re-write what happened. Yet luckily, they can still start living a different life by starting a completely new chapter. I’m very excited to be a part of that new chapter. As a creative and intuitive person, I love to mirror others in my own ways. As a transformational coach, I’m grateful if people choose me to guide them towards themselves at my coaching retreats.

Are you curious? Looking forward to receiving your email with a reservation or question about my coaching retreats!

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