Healing: the first step in living your dream life

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From my view, healing is the first step in living your dream life. Burning bridges won’t help energetically; putting on masks won’t either. As a matter of fact, energetically, you vibrate what you are as well as what you haven’t mastered yet. With your unique vibration, you attract what you are.

Healing means we have to take time to heal a previous event in order to be able to become our best selves, our highest vibration and energy level. We simply give our focus a new destination; we let the sadness, pain, anger and frustration go during the inner journeys at Mallorca Soul Retreats: we send it back to source through energy healing sessions, sound healing sessions and ceremonies.

We recharge our battery. Truthfully, it doesn’t have to be hard; it actually happens like waves at our coaching/healing retreats. We start from a beautiful dream wave and then enter a strong wave where we can give ourselves time to heal and grow. Next, we open our hearts and the wave can go higher than ever before on the same day. We feel joy, happiness and abundance…. All of these can happen in just one day during one of my coaching retreats.

In actuality, everything is energy and all is connected! A woman who started her journey to healing a few years ago called me this spring. She said that she was still very grateful for everything that happened during our one-on-one retreat and this time she would like to come here with her mother. She told me that she had inspired her mother to let the past go. Her mother had no contact with her father for years and many things had happened. Nobody knew that they would go to a retreat in Mallorca. It was time for both of them to heal the past. I appreciate the fact that I would be the person who could guide them during the phases of letting the past go, forgiveness and energetical release.

When her mother said, “I’m ready to forgive your father and myself for everything that has happened,”, the daughter received a message from her father. It had been years since they heard from him:

“I’m crying. I don’t know why. I never cry… I feel so sorry for what I’ve done to your mum and the kids. I want to have a new chance. I would love to see you again at family celebrations. Please forgive me. Do you think your mum and sisters will forgive me? I know you will. Best, Dad.”

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This is just a very clear story about what can happen when you are able to let go and heal. Yes, now they see each other occasionally. Her mother felt strong enough to know that forgiving is different from forgetting. They are able to live separate lives but still be together with their children and grandchildren at important gatherings now.

It is really life-changing, isn’t it? The good thing is you can do that as well. You can change your life, if you are ready!

When we heal our wounds, we go from fear to love, from self-hatred to self-love, from jealousy to being proud of others, from living in the past or future to living at present.

This is prevention. If negative and low vibration stay in your cellular memory, it will create emotions, and from these emotions you will react from that low vibration. That’s something that we don’t want, so let’s think about it like the maintenance and care for yourself. You brush your teeth daily and have a daily shower. Similarly, our inner world needs maintenance, too – it needs attention and care.

It is my greatest pleasure to help people understand that we can only get what we want by becoming what we are. That means your life can only change when you are changing. From how you feel, think and resonate, your life unfolds. When you are healed, you cannot react emotionally because of previous events in your life. Your cells keep information which is also known as cellular memory. When something happens and it triggers that wound, logically, it creates emotions and we react from these emotions.

By reacting with an emotion which contains a low vibration, we get more from that low vibration, which leads to a vicious circle. If you want to break that pattern, you have to prepare an exit strategy.

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Therefore, my coaching retreats are created to help you understand what you want, in order to achieve it. The coaching retreats take you out of your daily patterns and take you to a new environment where you’ll meet your best self during guided meditations, sound healings, ecstatic dance/dance therapy and coaching sessions. During the sound therapy sessions, we go to the most relaxing state, which is called the delta brain state according to neuroscience – this takes you to the quantum field which is also known as the underworld in shamanism – it is the world where healing takes place and everything is connected.

You have to experience it yourself so as to know what it gives you. I include energy work as well in my own way. I’m very intuitive, so even if you would choose to do the same retreat again, it would be a different experience, not only because I’m always using different words and techniques, but also because you’ll have another intention/theme to work on or new questions for yourself.

Every day you go deeper into your inner journeys; hence, a healing retreat is a very good investment in yourself.

The subjects can be very diverse, from being overworked and needing a place to recharge, to looking for a place to find answers to important questions, to healing something from the past.

The theme you focus on brings new insights. From these, you can change, transform or even transcend.

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