How to stay healthy and happy through prevention


In the health system, prevention means you invest in yourself in order to better understand who you really are and what truly makes you happy and healthy. In this way, you don’t have to suffer from physical or psychological illnesses in the future.

The uncomfortable truth:

Our current health care system isn’t based on prevention; consequently, we see a doctor when we already have a burn-out / when we are already depressed / when we are already overweight. In most cases, the doctor would look at the symptoms and send us to a specialist or simply give us medication.

What if we break free from this?

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What if we do our own self-searching and find out the healthy diet that suits ourselves best, the ideal way to move our bodies so as to exercise properly and stay fit – we can always discover new methods of getting the best out of everything and turning a challenge into an opportunity. That is the fast-track to happiness.

A client explained that she always thought going to the fitness studio every single day and havingbeautytreatments regularly would make her happy. She told me that she really thought that the next designer handbag would excite and fulfil her until she realised that she felt sad and unsatisfied for a long time already and unfortunately, her very premium clothing, shoes and handbags in her walk-in closet wouldn’t make her any happier in reality (maybe for a day or a few minutes when she got reactions from her friends or when she saw herself in the mirror…) But that feeling was unable to stay for long.

Later on, she felt better after she dived into herself, with me. She didn’t know that it would be possible to connect with herself or sense her own energy because she assumed that everyone would love her as long as she looked good. By attending a one-on-one retreat, she realised that happiness is something from inside, something that we can’t buy from any shop. We learn, grow and change our thoughts, paradigms and patterns, and then we live our best life.

From that you can become the best version of yourself and live your best life. If you take 10 minutes each day to “be”and just breathe, you can have a different life, as you are able to learn how to be in touch with your thoughts, energy, feelings and emotions. From that you can understand yourself better and make different choices.

Happiness, the language of your heart:

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If you go to a coaching retreat to be with like-minded people, you will be able to share your story, learn from others and give yourself enough self-love to rejuvenate your body and soul.

We take our car to an oil change every year. We use gas, electricity and solar panels to create energy for our houses. Yet what do we actually do for ourselves? Which treatment takes care of us to maintain healthy, energetic and upbeat?

There are many masks that I’d like to uncover and transform into something real, the unique and the best version of you. Indeed, there are many pretty masks covering sadness, disappointment, shame or guilt. Truthfully, happiness can only be achieved by your heart because the heart connects with the soul which determines your vibration energy. That client of mine experienced this for the first timeduring an energy healing session with me. Thoughts are the language of the brain; feelings are the language of the body; love, joy and happiness are the language of the heart. When it speaks in sadness, anger or fear, please listen to it.

Luxury retreat Mallorca:

Mallorca Soul Retreats are designed to help you achieve the mental distance from daily routines and the mental pattern that is needed in order to regain your balance, sharpen your decision-making abilities, refresh and inspire you to make the most helpful and positive changes in life.

You need space and time for yourself, which makes it easier to let go of everything that stops you from diving into your spirit.

More specifically, a coaching/healing retreat is something that you do for yourself as an investment in yourself. What we don’t change, we choose. If we don’t make decisions, others will make decisions for us.

If we choose to learn more about our inner world, everything is possible.

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