The blooming heart of the quantum field

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You know that experience: when you think about someone and in that very moment you receive a text message from that person, right? Well, that’s because we are connected in a quantum field, according to modern science. It is a field where everything is connected as one – the past, the present, the future, every memory that has been created is right there, connected as one.

Interestingly, most of us see Albert Einstein as the inventor of quantum physics, while he believed in separation and had to be convinced by scientific tests that we live in a quantum field. John Wheeler was a scientist who worked in the same field and had a different belief: we are all connected, so perhaps he is the father of quantum physics? He believed that we are creating the universe; we are the building blocks of the universe; we are part of a participatory universe; we change it by participating.

When we look at this truth, it is clear that we are co-creators living in a reflected reality, which means if you don’t heal your hurts, you will see and feel it around you everywhere. It will always come back, just in a different shape and story. You are the field, every atom of you creates a part of the field and is emerging & collapsing constantly; therefore, it’s possible to heal.

In my work, I have seen that if we are having the intention to heal, it will happen. If we choose to let go of the chemicals that were created by trauma or even ancestorial trauma in our cells which is also known as neuropeptides in science, we can actually heal. If we don’t heal, the neuropeptides might create illness in the body because the body wants us to heal and creates pain to make us understand this. The body will do whatever it takes for you to understand that you are in pain.

So, please find out what or which treatment you feel attracted to and then heal! You can go to a transformative retreat and choose healing treatments that you believe in. You can use meditations with heart-brain coherence, sound-healing/sound therapy sessions, dance therapy or any other healing treatment such as breath work, shamanic soul retrieval. As long as you believe that this is the way that you are going to release and heal it, you will raise your vibration, live your best life and become the best version of yourself.

When you look at sacred geometry, you can see that a pattern breaks down into chaos in order to form a new pattern. This break-down can mirror your emotions that are needed to heal trauma, which releases neuropeptides. In other words, you often feel some change or emotions in order to release neuropeptides. Our energy goes from one shape to another in the quantum field to manifest change. A change allows you to renew yourself, even in the body and beyond so as to live a better life.

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You have free will.

From my own experience, I know that I have tried the traditional health system without any result. I’m thankful that people who crossed my path have convinced me to try the alternative path where I felt a strong calling to help others to heal because that’s the greatest gift you can give to yourself, which is something important that I’ve learned. Yes, you have to be strong. Let’s think about life like this: If you have 2 paths to choose from, which would be yours?

  1. Everything in your life is a mirror of yourself – in life you don’t get what you want; you only get who you really are, so everything in your life is teaching you who you really are. Therefore, before you release trauma, it can come to you in many ways. Life will feel difficult; you will suffer in one way or another. Every argument, fight or conflict is constantly reflecting that right in front of you – who you truly are, what you haven’t healed and even what your ancestors haven’t healed.
  2. You will go on the path to release trauma, follow your heart and go where you feel called by. For some, they will be healed during one healing retreat; others will need a few more weekends or healing sessions. There comes a moment when you end the hurt and see the beginning of real love, and with that self-love starts. It is you that will use your own healing power to completely, fully heal. There are many different kinds of therapy, so please choose what suits you.

Sometimes the quantum field is called the Akashic records; sometimes it’s also known as the Devine matrix or Akashic field. Some people have a clearer access to it than others. Some people can see or feel the stories that are kept in the quantum field. Others say that they don’t want to think about it, as the present is all that matters to them. You are your past; you are your stories; you are the quantum field. What if you find out that everything energetically repeats until you solve them? That means the same energetic lesson unfolds in a different story over and over again – just like an unending energetic roundabout.

What if we are here to master ourselves? What if we have a choice and we can choose to transcend into something different, something lighter and more harmonious?

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The quantum field heart

In dreams, meditations and ceremonies, I have been able to enter a place in which there is no suffering, as if I have entered the heart of the quantum field. That’s a place where we already have mastered ourselves. A dimension where bright rainbow colours vibrate joy, love and light. The light is so bright – it’s impossible for darkness to enter. It feels like a place where the stories mutate in geometrical shapes that don’t have to break to change form because brokenness simply doesn’t exist; there is only wholeness. It’s a place without time and space, without limitations.

It feels as if we are already there in the blooming heart of the quantum field and if we fully understand this with our current heart, our flow will represent that frequency in everything we do because it can materialise right here. It will forever remain a mystery if it’s only a fantasy. But right from this reality, I clearly feel everybody’s full potential, as if I can clearly see and feel what we truly are. From there I receive my inspiration to help you live your best life, as I see you already healed and fully living your full potential. Something inside of me says that it’s very real and if we wake up to this blooming field, we will find true love, gratitude and joy in our current life.

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