Become a quantum jumper and manifest your dreams

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In 1913, Niels Henrik David Bohr, a Danish physicist came up with the concept of quantum jump. He described it as the sudden transition of a particle (energy) from one energy state to another.

As per the Universal Laws, everything in this universe is made of energy, including every one of us and everything we think, feel, say and do. When a quantum jump method is applied to the context of manifestation, it means to jump from the present reality to the desired and new reality.

Like many children, as a child I was a real quantum field jump pro, because children are often more connected to the unlimited power of the quantum field and its endless potential – that also explains why children are more connected to their own potential and power, e.g., “I GOT this ‘magical ring’ as a present and believed that I had to turn it and squeeze my eyes and then make a wish. By doing that I believe in a kind of magical spell or ritual. Well, they really came through, most were quite harmless…”

Until the day came, on which I wished for a swimming pool – actually, my backyard neighbor’s swimming pool. The impossible became possible. Before I knew it, I had to move in with my backyard neighbor who became my stepfather a few years later. At that point, I stopped making wishes because I was afraid to get the things I wished for that might include things I hadn’t wished for (in this case, my stepfather). I stopped making wishes until I started to read books about manifestation 20 years later.

I’m going to tell you what I’ve learned about it since then, because I hope that you will quantum jump to live your dream life, right now, right here!

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How to use the unlimited power of the quantum field:

Quantum physics presents a world where static, stable things don’t exist. Instead, all of our reality is a web of interactions where events converge and dissolve in an endless field. We are a part of the web and can decide how to jump to another frequency which is also known as another timeline that has a different reality. Seeing the world like this may seem futuristic, unreal and hard to get, but now this hallucination has already been confirmed by science. I believe that sacred geometry wants to show us the language of moving energy which is shown as events in this dimension. Look at the mandala – it’s used everywhere in the world to simply show the ever-changing quantum field in every shape. That’s how I perceive sacred geometry. How about you?

Using the laws of quantum mechanics/physics, scientists have made serious advancements – from discovering antimatter and DNA to building transistors and lasers. But how can we use this information to make our dreams come true?

I recommend changing your thoughts, emotions and feelings in order to quantum jump to the new frequency that suits you best:

1. Thoughts: Think like a child. Believe that you can achieve everything and that the world has saved the best for you. When you embrace innocent thoughts, your new thoughts charge your timeline with a pure energy in which it will be easier to manifest your dreams. From there you can more easily jump at the right moment. In this way, you are living your life as if your dreams have already come true, with a light sense of ‘knowing’ that the best is yet to come and it’s somewhere stored in your timeline which you will enter when the timing is right.

2. Feelings/emotions: Use your feelings and emotions in a beneficial way. Become excited for someone else when they have achieved something that’s important to them. Feel positive feelings and emotions for them. In this way, the universe understands what you want from life, because you are charging achievements and you are genuinely happy for others while feeling positive emotions. Therefore, the field understands you even better and from there, it is easier to guide you to the timeline that you desire with your own unique manifestations which suit you the best.

3. Action: Obviously, there will be moments in which we have to take action. We have to study something new to get a certain job. Then we have to do research regarding where we want to work and apply for the job we want. Do what you want to do now. For example, if you like singing, just create jam sessions with your friends. If you want to become a bitcoin expert, surround yourself with other experts in that area. Whatever actions you’ll take in the direction you envision will make the quantum jump easier.

At my coaching retreats, people often want to attract new things into their future. As a result, we do talk about intentions and future dreams as well as the past. In most cases, we have to heal things from the past in order to make this jump happen. Otherwise, we stay stuck in low frequencies and that’s impossible to jump to other (more suitable) timelines. Also, we have to focus on possibility and create a positive mindset. If we are still heartbroken from our past relationship, it’s better to heal it so as to jump to a more nurturing and more suitable relationship in a different timeline. Otherwise, we might stay in the same timeline with a very similar partner (energy-wise). If we think that ‘all men behave in that way’ and focus on these thoughts, they will be deeply rooted and negatively charged inside our own timeline – with that we will only attract that type of men into our lives. If we dive deep into ourselves, we know what we want. Most people are not getting what they want because they don’t really know what they want. Do some self-search at a coaching retreat or a seminar to get to know yourself first or to heal and grow.

Now I would like to share with you my latest quantum jump to give you a positive example:

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I’m going to explain my latest quantum jump, using these principles:

  • Thoughts

    Our child-like thoughts were: we wanted to move to another country which must be a place where people enjoyed life more (instead of work), with beautiful sea view, mountain view and a pleasant climate. It also has to be the best place to educate our son. It has to be safe and international (with good international schools).

  • Feelings and emotions

    I went to a party at a friend’s place in Cape Town in 2016. When I went to see the sunset at his roof terrace, I felt that my heart was jumping and opening up like a flower. I felt very happy for my friend because he found a place with my personal “big 3” when it comes to view: 1) a sunset with a wide view; 2) sea view; 3) city lights view. My innocent thought was that these are my treasures that I would love to enjoy every day. At that time, we had the “big 2” already in Cape Town. We didn’t have the city lights view.When I went to another friend’s house in San Francisco in 2017, I felt super happy for him because he was living in such a beautiful hilly environment. While driving up the hill, I felt my heart jumping and my childlike thought was “I would love to have these hills around our next home.” So, that’s where I created the “big 4” as an energy within the unlimited field by using childlike feelings and emotions.

  • Action

    In terms of where to move to, we didn’t have Mallorca in mind at all. We had already visited some other places and didn’t feel that the places were calling us.We met a lovely person at a jazz party in Cape Town. He told us that he lived in Mallorca and that he would like to show us around, because according to him, the island would be exactly what we were looking for. Mallorca somehow STRONGLY called us… three of us.Our current house which we bought and renovated in 2019 has the “big 4” in Mallorca. It’s the place where I also organize my intimate coaching retreats. We only saw 7 houses in one day – this was one of the first ones and the one we felt that it had to be ours. It has the “big 4”!Many of my friends are living this truth, so it works! Enjoy the jump and let me know if it works for you!At my coaching retreats, I use techniques that will help you to better understand what you want. Also, I offer coaching packages to work on certain themes. Let me know if you would like to be guided. I’ve helped many people to quantum jump, and I love that. Hopefully you’ll love that, too!

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