The path to self-love

Path to selflove

We see love as the frequency where we float on the best because love gives us a complete, heavenly and sweet inner feeling. Self-hate or a degree lower than self-love can give us an empty feeling. We would do anything to fill up the emptiness; we would look for many things outside of ourselves and open us for all kinds of addictions (sex, drugs, alcohol, gambling, overconsumption/underconsumption of nutrition, etc.) just to fill up the emptiness. There are various addictions: from extreme shopping to not giving ourselves anything, from overexposure to having no social contact/connection, from extreme plastic surgery to complete self-neglect.

Everything in the universe has a polarity. The opposite of self-love is self-hate. Self-love can go to extremes, as evidenced by the fact that there are people who are their own biggest fans. Meanwhile, there are also people who have problems allowing themselves to breathe and enjoy being alive – they are torturing themselves with negative self-talk and emotions all the time; they feel guilty while being different from who they want to be; they feel sad about missed opportunities and past experiences; they lose the connection with their heart (and soul).

Self-love is often misinterpreted. It doesn’t mean having a big ego, showing power and feeling superior. Real self-love is actually the complete opposite from that; real self-love is about mastering yourself and raising your frequency. It’s about being humble because you’ve mastered yourself and you value the true and authentic version of yourself. In layers of existence, there are many contradictions which look similar to the outside. But the real things are measured by frequency and energy, because according to quantum physics, we are moving energy. Whatever your goal is, it always starts from within, because it’s the law of nature.

“As Above, so Below, as Within, so Without, as the Universe, so the Soul. … “The Kybalion

At my coaching retreat, I often receive questions about self-love. On social media we see an unreal version of a person. Many people overexpose every single body part every single day on social media. These individuals might actually be very insecure or fixated on certain beauty ideas. They are probably screaming for attention and validation as they feel empty and lonely within. There are many degrees of love or hate, so it can often be misleading in terms of which one is being shown or experienced, especially if we’ve believed that we are simply not good enough since childhood. If we fundamentally know how special we truly are, we will figure out how to change our lives.

The ugly truth is self-love can only come from the self. The only one that can really give you self-love is you.


How to master self-love:

Quantum physics suggests that our world (and everything in it) is constantly splitting into alternative timelines. This theory shows that we have unlimited and infinite potential to access a different life by choosing a new timeline which is an energetical line representing a completely different frequency with new possibilities and changes. This indicates that we are the universe itself. Just look at this fact. Look around you and imagine how perfect it is. You are one with the universe and the universe is you.

So, how can we go from a timeline with self-hate to another timeline with self-love? This is similar to how you change the temperature from too cold or too hot into a temperature that you like. You have to understand yourself, your emotions, thoughts and behavior. You must heal your trauma and then you will turn into someone new. Your best self also knows where the buttons are in order to get the right balance in every aspect of your life. This timeline is where you are your best self, and it’s closer than you think. Jump, or take my hand and I’ll motivate and inspire you to jump during my coaching retreat. You can do it! See your complete self as a technology – if you understand your “inner technology”, you can balance every aspect of yourself.

At my coaching retreat, I often see that’s a theme for many participants. I hope I can inspire you to attend a coaching/healing/transformative retreat or therapy in order to live your favorite story. The story you came here to live, a story where you are your authentic self and don’t need external validation. Truthfully, if you access the energy of knowing yourself, your borders and everything that fulfills you in life, you get into the vibration of love and receive it back. The universe, the quantum field and your current lifeline need to be charged by you with the frequency that you want to manifest in your life.

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Be your own VIP.

People without the right boundaries and self-love end up in relationships in which they believe they “give and serve” others. Yet in most cases, no one asked them to give up their own dreams/career/hobbies; no one asked them to stay home alone when the other person went out for business or trips; no one asked them to remove themselves from the priorities list.

Life could be visualized as a hall. If you place yourself back on the last row, energetically you are placing yourself at an inferior place.

Please place yourself on a VIP seat in the front row where your loved ones are. Your family and friends should share the first row with you – you are all VIPs who share a similar frequency. People further away from you might be in a different room. The universe is on stage. You are a VIP, so within one step you are in the middle of the universe. In which you are always able to choose your perfect timeline.

Someone that really loves you would never want you to give up on your dreams. If you love yourself, you wouldn’t do that either. If you haven’t made your dreams come true yet, please don’t give up on them. Just adjust them and see how you can do what you love in a way that fulfills you. When you open yourself for possibilities, you’ll see there are so many.

Heal previous hurts so that you won’t make the lower energy a part of your life. Go to a coaching or healing retreat to learn and grow!

Here are some actions to take:

  1. Shower yourself with love and affirmations. Create your own mantras such as “I am grateful to be me” and “I am lovable and beautiful the way I am.”
  2. Put these affirmations on post-it notes on your mirror so you’ll constantly be reminded of how great you are.
  3. Stop comparing yourself to others. Instead, have role models that you are proud of. Friends, influencers, family or anyone that you find amazing. With that you are telling the universe what you love.
  4. Heal your past/wounds. Often, we can’t love ourselves fully because of what happened during past experiences; therefore, a healing/coaching retreat or therapy sessions / coaching session could be necessary.

Perhaps you’ve read self-help books and blogs but can’t always integrate things into your life because you simply need some help from another person. That’s completely normal, as a therapist or coach often sees the helicopter view of your life, while you only see what’s right in front of you. Please send me an e-mail if you would like to learn more about yourself during my intimate coaching retreat.

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