The Deep Dive @Mallorca

9 – 13 june,
1 – 5 September
To live your dream life you have to let go of what is holding you back from being YOU!

Join this 4-night/ 3-day retreat in the beautiful Finca in Sa Cabaneta Mallorca.

During the 3 days, you dive into Self-Exploration, Healing, Creativity and Relaxation and Wellness.

Join us and immerse yourself into mindfulness, sound therapy, transformational practices, breathwork, forest bathing, somatic experiences, dance, creative expression and plenty of time to reflect, relax and integrate.

Day 1

You dive into your past, learn about your ‘core wounds’ and liberate yourself from the unconscious limiting beliefs and negative emotions that keep you currently living small.

Day 2

You dive into the wealth of the present moment so you can reclaim your authenticity and create life freely.

Day 3

You dive into your wildest dreams, creative powers and bring your desires into actionable steps to create your dreams right now.

Guided by

Katja Verbeek (Transformational Coach) & Sophie Muuse (Wellbeing Guide) will take you onto this deep dive into the self.
Katja started her path to help others, 12 years ago. “It is my true passion to help people to heal their wounds, transform and fully live their potential. Let’s heal, learn and dreamwave your future at the ‘Deep Dive’. I love to empower, inspire & show your possibilities & opportunities”.

Over the past 5 years, Sophie has been guiding sacred ceremonies, walking meditations and energy healings in Mallorca. “I am very excited to guide you with my heart, intuition, honesty, humour, and loving attention on the path of your dreams. Activating your curiosity for life, what’s inside and around you; the good and the bad; the pleasant and the unpleasant; your true essence and beautiful heart.”

For Whom Is This Retreat?

  • You feel stuck and need a change in life.
  • You have these amazing dreams and don’t know where to start to manifest them.
  • You need time to reconnect to yourself, heal and relax.
  • The retreat will include experiential exercises and practices, interactive teaching, self-reflection and group discussions, and will be presented in English.

What To Expect After The Retreat:

  • More capable of living your life to the fullest
  • Feeling more vibrant and optimistic
  • Improvedclarity of mind
  • Increasingly able to embrace the imperfections of life and find peace amidst chaos.
  • Feeling the strength to make the right choices
  • Feeling more confident and less dependent on external validation
  • Feeling free to focus on your goals without any inhibitions

What is included:

  • Accommodation for 4 nights in one of our shared double rooms (Single room available for €300,- extra)
  • Healthy vegetarian meals, 5 days (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Arrival on Thursday 18:00h, departure Monday 11:00h.
  • Water, tea, coffee and fruit during the day
  • Every day experiential exercises and practices, meditation, healing and movement.
  • Me-time for relaxation at the saltwater pool & hammam & sauna

1200 EURO – shared double room

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