Nirvana from within – Retreat

22 – 27 June

To live your dream life, you have to learn to let go, live in the moment and embrace the light from within.

Join this 4-night/ 3-day retreat in the beautiful Finca in Sa Cabaneta Mallorca.

During these 3 days, you will journey into self-exploration, healing, creativity and relaxation & well-being.

Join us and feel ´nirvana form within´ during our Tibetan sound healing, transformational practices, dance, creative expressions, art therapy and time to reflect, relax and integrate.

Day 1

You learn how to ´let go´ with the help of some ancient Tibetan techniques as well as modern coaching techniques. You ´let go´ of everything you no longer need in your life. We will create a sand mandala and have a sharing circle about ´releasing´.

As an art form, the Tibetan sand Mandala is made from dust and sand, and it is returned to dust and sand. It is a metaphor for the continuous flow of life, a brief moment of beauty which is then blown away to create something new. This also serves as a reminder of the lesson of impermanence.

Day 2

You will feel nirvana from within in sessions which have love and compassion as their central subject. You will learn the ´mantra of compassion´ and we embrace the ´power of now´ in the movement of the body.

Day 3

You learn about your authentic self and how to be your unique you and shine from within and out. During our training & art therapy, you will create your ´Buddha from within´ or ´higher self´

Guided by

Katja Verbeek (transformational coach) & Lama Tashi Norbu (Tibetan monk & artist) will help you to discover your higher self, the light from within.

Katja started her path to helping others 12 years ago. “It is my true passion to help people to heal their wounds, transform and fully live their potential. Let’s connect with your inner wisdom at ´Nirvana form within´. I love to empower, inspire& show your possibilities & opportunities”.

Tashi comes from a family lineage of Lamas, Tibetan priests. He is a true master of mindfulness mediation and art. “I am looking forward to creating Nirvana together on the spiritual island of Europe, Mallorca.´

For Whom Is This Retreat?

  • You need empowerment and an uplifting ´get away´
  • You need some time to reconnect, heal and relax.
  • You want to connect with the wisdom from within and get answers
  • You want to reconnect with your creativity
  • You desire to have mystical experiences

The retreat will include experiential exercises and practices, interactive teaching, self-reflection and group discussions, and will be presented in English.

What To Expect After The Retreat:

  • Increasedability to cope with stress and stressful situations
  • More capable of living your life to the fullest
  • Feeling more confident and less dependent on external validation
  • Feeling more vibrant and optimistic
  • Seeing things more clearly
  • Improved mental and physical wellbeing
  • A better sense of your purpose
  • Feeling connected with yourself and grounded in your environment
  • Heightened focus and orientation
  • Feeling more aligned with the soul

Investment in yourself

1350 EURO – shared double room

The Eco-Wellness Finca, with a salt-water swimming pool, a professional hammam and a sauna, offers a wide vista of the protected nature reserve, the bay and the city of Palma, as well as the Tramontana mountains. Each day ends in a beautiful sunset, followed by thousands of twinkling citylights in the evening.

For reservation or info contact

What is included:

  • Accommodation for 4 nights in one of our shared double rooms (Single room available for €300,- extra)

  • Healthy vegetarian meals, 5 days (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

  • Arrival on Thursday 18:00h, departure Monday 10:00h.

  • Water, tea, coffee during the day

  • ´Nirvana from within´ program

  • Me-time for relaxation at the saltwater pool & hammam & sauna

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