Raise Your Frequency & Attract What Suits You

by | Jul 7, 2023

I’m having a very high frequency of love,” says a woman at my retreat in Mallorca, “I have a feeling that I’m only giving while nothing comes back to me. Could you explain that? Karma is you get what you give, right?”

Over the years I’ve studied vibration, frequency and the laws of the universe. Because I’m fascinated by Hermetism and quantum physics (both indicate that everything is energy), I coach my clients based on that science and ancient philosophy. I use modern and ancient methods that are most beneficial during my coaching retreats. When you work on energy, you work on the inner technology, thoughts, feelings and emotions, thereby understanding the deeper layers of how they relate to your energy and frequency.

It’s a complexity with multiple layers that are difficult to explain in one blog post. Therefore, your unique situation should be looked at and dived into, and then you’ll be mirrored by me to fully ‘get the picture’ if you come to my retreat. But in this article, I’ll share as much as I can with you so that you can do some self-learning and searching. 😉

At its core, everything that exits is energy vibrating at different frequencies. Hence, basically, we are all one and living in this material world. Yet it’s just like materialization from the quantum matrix which is actually here as well. Because it’s impossible to ‘get this picture’ in our current state, it’s much easier to see the quantum field as something that is separated from this reality, as if it’s somewhere else. By making this possible to understand, we divide our world between the metaphysical space and the material space. If we create an energetic seed at the metaphysical level, it materializes here. If we put high vibrations into our thoughts, feelings and emotions, we are creating a seed that will manifest itself in that same high vibrational way.

Quantum mechanics has demonstrated that every thought/every emotion has its own vibrational frequency. Positive psychology and mindset coaching have truly changed the world. We have 60,000 thoughts a day. If you can manifest positive thoughts, then your vibration will also become higher. Of course, please don’t fool yourself: the best way is to mean it with all your heart. You have to become it in order to attract it. In other words, if you say positive affirmations but don’t mean/feel them, you only stay on a low frequency. Also, if you give love because you need love or something else in return, then that’s not love at all; it’s desire. Desire is low frequency (125 LOC logarithmic) according to David Hawkins’ scientific research, while love is 500 LOC.

  • Try this: Think about everything that could go wrong during your new project, with your romantic relationship, at work, and in the world around you. Which underlying emotions does this have?
  • Now, think of all the opportunities that you have, the friends you have, your community, the beauty you see in the world. Which underlying emotions do these visions and thoughts carry? How does this feel?

Where does it all start? The egg or the chicken? It starts with frequency, simply because that’s what we are. We are not our thoughts; we are not our emotions; we are not our feelings. We are our energy. As a result, I’d like to teach my community how frequency works & how to master themselves like we turn the temperature from a bath to the best temperature we want. Learn to feel our own luminous body and the frequency that we are. Learn to identify our emotions, body sensations and thoughts. Learn to change perspectives in order to get what belongs to us.

For everyone, the quantum field has a timeline in which they feel carried by the universe where abundance takes place. The easiest way to get there is to become what you want to manifest in your life frequency-wise.

If you change your perspective and your response, you transform & the world around you changes. If you change low emotional frequencies like sadness, anger, grief and fear into higher emotions like acceptance or even love and peace, you become a true master of your own life.

Your authentic self/icon

Truthfully, if I want something for my growing tribe, I should reach the ‘I AM’ state, a state in which I’m living my best life.

This is a state in which you not only accept yourself, but deeply understand why you are what you are and love yourself unconditionally. It’s a state in which emotions like acceptance, love and peace take place. From this state, you can truly mirror yourself & give and receive effortlessly. You are in your true flow: one with your own identity and authenticity. You can feel connected with others in a way that is hard to explain, as if from your own luminous body, you sense this connection. From your own chakra alignment, you are in a state where awakening has taken place. You vibrate exactly as you are with every cell of your entire being. You attract like-minded people and create your very own unique best life.

Is there more?

Enlightenment is not easy to explain. It is the highest frequency (700-1000 LOC), but it doesn’t really carry emotions, according to David Hawkins’ theory. What’s more, David Hawkins points out that there is no person that is enlightened because there is no person without an ego.

Nevertheless, what if we see it in a different light? Can we understand why there are always spiritual leaders who have something special? What would it be? When we feel deep gratitude, deep compassion or deep kindness, we actually do have emotions at a higher level of consciousness. From a scientific perspective, in that state, we enter the gamma brainwaves, which makes us superhumans. We have access to other conscious experiences, as science explains. Thus, probably it’s something we can access now and then, like peace and love. Everything comes in as a wave, but in that state, we vibrate high frequencies from 700 to 1000 LOC, which have emotions higher than love, joy and peace. We acknowledge the feelings and emotions of another person, but we don’t go there with them. We maintain our high vibrational state, accept others’ stories without attachment to the outcome, feel compassion, and hold space for the greatest outcome.

Reflected reality:

Our reflected reality claims that you really get exactly what you already are energetically. That reflection always comes back to you in this materialistic world because it materializes right here. It comes back in lessons, challenges and obstacles, but it also materializes in stunning experiences, serendipity, extraordinary moments and epic events. Nothing is constant; there are always waves. Frequencies are waves. The most important part is to understand how to deal with challenges, how to heal your wounds, and how to learn and grow from your mistakes. In order for the wave to always go up again and stay high & increase along the path, you would be well-advised to learn to have waves with limited turbulence, stay around acceptance (350 LOC) and avoid a lower wave of shame or grief (lower than 100 LOC). If you master one challenge, your luminous body changes because you’ve changed. There is always a choice. If you don’t learn from your mistakes and you’re stuck in victimhood, you place yourself in an energetic prison. This endless prison resonates with low frequencies, thereby vibrating those low frequencies and attracting them as well.

Isn’t this truth epic? Only by awakening to the truth can people see what heaven on earth is meant to be. As a philosopher, I believe that all stories lead to the same truth if we read through the lines as well as many different interpretations. We are constantly changing ourselves by creating new stories around the same topic. Indeed, while saying that, inevitably, we are co-creators, and just because one truth is true doesn’t mean another truth can’t be true. Actually, they can all be true. It’s just a matter of view.

How beautiful is creation when we can truly live in our own heaven or hell? An energetic truth is expressed in this materialistic world as if we dance in particles that become waves expressed in a physical piece of art that we can smell, taste, touch and see in our unique way. If we understand suffering, we can also understand the ultimate love and peace. If we understand the darkness, we really understand the light. Isn’t this just brilliant?

The real deal:

Compassion can look the same as ‘I don’t give a fuck’ from the outside. Nonetheless, as we develop ourselves energetically, we will know the difference! In addition, desire and love can create the same emotions, thoughts and feelings, although energetically, it’s a completely different story! Love is often misunderstood. It’s not possession, jealousy or an interesting exchange at its highest frequency. It doesn’t involve fights, drama or violence. Love should be easy, peaceful and based on respect and understanding. You simply want heaven for those you love, and if they do their very best to create heaven for you, it just happens.

At the ‘I AM’ state in which you are your authentic self, you understand at a very deep level that we are nothing and everything at the same time. We carry darkness, but if we only follow the light, everything with a low vibration will naturally fade away. Oftentimes, people ask me, “How do you see that? Does enlightenment really exist? Which story do you believe in?”

In the new age scene, we bring together mythology, religions, truths and beliefs from different parts of the world. We create a beautiful blend of ancient rituals, ceremonies, stories and science. We can now travel the world and inspire each other, focusing on what we have in common rather than the differences. In this way, we are able to truly create oneness which is what I believe in. Yes, quantum physics also states that, and if you are ready, you’ll find that truth, too! You can!

My personal experience:

I believe in creating my own heaven on earth which is only possible if me and my inner circle are naturally vibrating acceptance, love, peace, joy, gratitude and compassion.

In my chosen inner circle, most people understand the laws of the universe and study & practice them in their own ways. We inspire each other; we share joy, peace, love and abundance. We are all grateful, the circle is round and we materialize epic moments together. We understand how to express gratitude. When we all use these principles, we create heaven on earth together.

When I look back, that’s exactly what I always wanted. I grew up in a place where I didn’t feel at home or safe, so I longed for what I have now. I travelled to my most authentic self and want to create a tribe of like-minded people who are interested in deeper conversations, sharing and moments of pure joy at the same time! Thus, I organize my spiritual coaching retreats at my own home in Mallorca to give you a second home where you can learn and grow.

Because I want you to travel to higher vibrations and attract what suits you, this is an important topic at my coaching retreats! Looking forward to meeting you! 😊

How can we measure Hz per second?

Scientists can measure emotional states by brainwave patterns or by EGG read-outs which show heart activity. If you are keen to learn more about it, you can check out these academic articles: